Monday, 23 November 2015

5 reasons that proves services of professional logo maker is important

As an entrepreneur, you might have to address thousands of concerns during your office activities, so you may tempt to overlook the need for expertly crafted brand identity. But, employing the services of professional logo maker is the vital step in the process of upholding and establishing a successful brand.
They focus on creating the right brand symbol that attracts the potential customers in a first glance and communicates the brand idea successfully. They create brand symbol with such flexibility and moderation that it looks consistent in all the marketing areas.
The five reasons listed below focuses on the importance of professional logo makers:
Brand Recognition & Identification
Your organizations brand image starts with a great and unique logo design and grows to each part of your business. The design needs to attract your potential customers in a way that it looks creative, alluring, functional and professional. Your business should provide instant connection to the exceptional product offerings and for that you need a professional designer to build that sort of connection.
 Strengthen the sense of commitment
A professional designer creates unique brand identity that helps your employees to stay connected with design that represents your brands. A strong brand symbol effectively strengthens customer’s commitment and enhances company’s performance. Customers who are strongly committed to a business identity have a very positive brand attitude.
Reflects professionalism and increases brand loyalty
A professional brand symbol portrays that your organization is trustworthy and customers can easily rely on your company. A poor brand mark might cast an unfavorable light on company, and it becomes hard to break the opinion that your business can’t afford a proficient designs.
Conveys your brand story
A unique brand symbol with lively colors, tagline and text helps to easily convey your brand story to your potential customers, dealers, investors and suppliers. An informative brand symbol has the ability to transmit the ideas which is impossible to express with words alone. Professionally designed brand identity creates a positive impression and helps in avoiding misunderstandings.
Efficiency and Productivity
A strong brand identity increases visibility and creates brand awareness. As corporate symbol creates a huge impact on the perception of clients, customers and other various stakeholders, a poorly designed corporate emblem negatively impacts the productivity and workplace efficiency.

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Ecommerce website- a popular acquisition method for customers

In today’s era, e-commerce website has gained so much popularity that it has genuinely became the trendy acquisition method for customers around the globe. Online retail shops are easily reachable from anywhere in the world and without stepping out the goods comes right to your doorstep.

If you want to keep your e-trade businesses growing, then it is vital to focus on the designing of the site. Every entrepreneur knows the stuff like checkout pages, shopping cart, security features and search bars. Beside these things they should focus on the designing of the web page which helps in attracting the larger part of audiences.
Here we have mentioned a list of trends that are ideal for designing or launching a new ecommerce website:

 · Homepage Shopping Details

It is important that your homepage should give a magnificent first impression. The colors, content and layout should leave a lasting impact in the mind of each user. Probably your page content also holds an equal importance when designing an online retail shop. Therefore, it is essential to design your homepage with lively visuals and reference material so that it gives your visitors an informative impression.

 · Say no to Large Category Lists

It is imperative to keep some of the essentials of Ecommerce Website hidden unless they are required. For instance, a large categories list and navigation menu is essential for a site but sometimes it disturbs the visitors as it covers the whole web page. Hence, it is necessary to use drop down menus for better user experience.

 · Focus on video

As we all know that video accounts 70 % of all the internet traffic, online customers grow more receptive to visual display and look for responsive layouts in your site. So, it is vital to place videos on your site because it will become a front and center asset to communicate your product details and facilitates enhanced webrooming.
It is a great way to deliver top quality content and it profits your online store by leading to higher average orders and driving conversions.

 · Clarity in pricing details

One of the major reasons that your visitors leave your web page is the partial pricing details of the products. It is important to design your online store in such a way that all your pricing details show up on the same product page.

Get your unique and creative Ecommerce Website Dubai designed from professional designers of Logo Design. Our professional designers help you in creating a trendy online store which hooks your target audience in the first visit. For further queries call us at +971 55 154 1762.

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

8 Top-Notch Brands With Their New Design Logo

2015 has been a year of change and a refreshing one indeed. When it comes to changing the design of logos, many companies were upfront to dos so. Let us take a look at some newly designed logos that 2015 has given us so far:

1. Google

In September, Google unveiled a new brand symbol. While there was not a massive change in the logo, the new brand identity provided a slight variation to the symbol. The new brand typeface was presented in serif word mark that helped define its brand’s success for the past 16 years.

 2. Verizon

Verizon, America’s largest telecommunication provider has also revamped its brand symbol.  As compared to the previous one, the new brand mark has shortened the large check mark and it is placed on the right side after its brand name.

 3. Hilary Clinton

As soon as Hilary Clinton made an announcement about the new brand mark, social media was set on blaze discussing about the new design which shows an ‘H’ with patriotic blue, white and red color with an arrow pointing right at the center. There was a buzz on social media platform that the symbol resembled hospital sign.

 4. Facebook

Earlier this year Facebook has updated its iconic symbol by making a subtle change in its Klavika typeface. Facebook has just changed the letter ‘a’ to their symbol. Most of the users still haven’t recognized the change.

 5. Royal Albert Hall

Royal Albert Hall, a famous performing art center has updated its unique brand symbol in a bid to appeal a wider audience. The brand mark uses the Hall’s unique silhouette with premium colors that reflects the Victorian heritage.

 6. Daily Motion

It is one of the biggest video platforms on the web, boasting more than 200 million viewers, came up with the new Design Logo. Daily Motion has completely changed its brand identity from an icon to a simple word mark. This change was done by a London based designing agency.

 7. Electrolux

Since 1909, it has been the leader in professional and home appliances. This year in January, it has unveiled a new brand typeface with a creative font that’s unique to Electrolux. The most prominent change in this identity is the replacement of serif font with a proprietary sans serif.

 8. Lexmark

In April 2015, a well known global manufacturer of laser printers has revealed its new and stunning brand identity. The new brand mark has removed the red diamond motif and introduced a green shutter which displays that the company is opened to new extending possibilities.

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Friday, 21 August 2015

How Logo Design impacts your social media marketing

In the present day, marketing your brand on social media is considered as a better opportunity for your business.  Custom logo design teams plays a crucial role in marketing your brand on social media platform. Customers come across your brand identity on social media forums and ultimately form a basic perception of your business.

Social media marketing plays a critical role in attracting and increasing the online presence of an organization.

Following are the ways through which brand identity creates a lasting impact on social media platform:

·         Improves Visibility of the brand

Today, companies promote various aspects of the products and services with the help of different social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The brand identity of a company creates a huge impact on the perception of customers, clients, and other stakeholders. It increases visibility and creates brand awareness.

·         Increase the list of followers and shares

A strong brand identity on your social media profile helps you in increasing followers and friends. An appealing brand symbol is more likely to get shared between your friends, family or your competitors.

·         Reflects professionalism and increases brand loyalty

Posting your Business Logo Design on social media page advocates professionalism and increases brand loyalty. A strong brand identity depicts that your company is trustworthy and customers can easily rely on your company.

·         Communicate your brand story

A strong brand identity with vibrant colors, text and tagline helps in communicating your brand story to the customers, investors, vendors, and suppliers.

·         Gets  competitive edge

Branding your products or services on social media platform helps to grab the attention of your potential customers as well as helps to maintain a competitive edge over the business rivals. It helps your business to stand out in the market with professional foot-hold.

·         Improves brand recognition across several platforms

Using an appealing brand identity across multiple platforms helps to improve brand recognition. Attracting and persuading customers not only rely on visual appearance but it relies mostly on quality services offered by a company. So, it is important to offer better services to win customers trust and loyalty towards the brand and your business.

The professional designers at Logo Design Dubai focus on creating the right business identity that attracts the customers in a first glance and delivers the brand message effectively. They create Logo Design with such flexibility and moderation that it looks consistent in all branding and social media forums.

Friday, 31 July 2015

Rejuvenate your business with E-commerce website

From small companies to giant companies, everyone gets benefited from having their own ecommerce website  Along with the sales of physical products these sites are also used to sell digital products, appointments, consultations, or intangible products and services. It basically provides a flexible solution for all kinds of business.

E-commerce website boosts your business in five different ways:

1. Help in influencing buying decisions:

An online store act as a showroom where the visitor comes to research your product or service and verify all the information that is right for them.

A well-organized site showcasing its products or services helps to influence purchase decisions and makes it easy for customers to take action.

2. Gets connected with social media forums:

For many businesses, an appealing social media presence helps to raise their business profile and generate more traffic and sales. So, a well planned social media strategy promotes the brand philosophy which helps to attract potential customers.

3. Convenience of online shopping:

A customer appreciates an online store for its convenience of online shopping. Today, life is getting too busy and customers find it hard to take a day off to go to brick and mortar store for their shopping. With these sites, customers can easily make purchases whenever they want.
An online store with a speedy checkout process, in-time shipping and order tracking serves as an appealing combination for customer’s busy life.

4. Extend the reach of your product offerings:

It helps to extend the reach of your product offerings to masses, attracts more customers and diversifies your sales. It helps to serve as a tool to increase brand awareness by bringing cause and community to tie up with your core mission.

5. Provides a personal connection:

E-commerce website helps maintain a personal connection with the customers. They offer similar online services that one would prefer face to face. These sites offer businesses a vital opportunity to render their services round the clock to their potential customers.

An online store with a well-planned strategy provides excellent customer services and its strong social media presence helps to generate traffic and earn profits for your business.

Hire professional website designers at Logo Design, to develop an e-commerce website for your business at an affordable price. The expert Logo Design team has an extensive work experience and technical know-how in creating a unique and compelling online store for your business.

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Monday, 29 June 2015

Usability An Important Element In Web Design Company

When it comes to Web Design, there are a lot of factors involved. Certainly some factors are more important than others. The biggest issue that you often face when creating your own business website is its usability. Usability basically refers to user-friendliness or how accessible a website is. The greater the usability your site has, the greater the chance that people will visit, stay and invest in your business. If your site is tough to use and complicated, visitors are going to find somewhere else to do business. Among the list of must-haves, it is a simple factor but it is the one that makes all the difference.

Usability involves a lot of different details. You should take time and focus on the details to create a website that is user-friendly in following terms:


The page layout must be simple and it should give visitors access to all the information and the tools that they need without any extra efforts.


Make it easy for your visitors to stay on the site for a longer time. Don’t hide the useful information in 4-5 level of sub pages. Always stick with the basics and make web design so effective that it becomes easy to get around and have access to navigation tools.


Make sure your content provides unique information which helps people to engage with the content. Visitors will not stick around if you don’t provide them with informative content. Keep your content short, simple and to the point.

Overall Design 

In order to generate traffic for your website, avoid heavy images and graphics as it will just clutter up your web page and visitors will find it hard to use your site.

Many different things come into play when designing your site but, to have a successful business in online world make sure that your Web Design Plus Responsive is engaging, interactive and most important it has high usability rating so that you can generate more traffic. Different high-tech designs and their features look cool and elegant but, the main thing is that people want straightforward, simple and informative and resources. Always try to satisfy your target audience and give them what exactly they want and get their business and investments in return.

In this age of technological advancement, a company would suffer greatly if they have a boring and uninspiring website. Logo Design helps you in creating user-friendly web design. Our professional team gives your website refreshing image, social media integration and an appealing outlook that helps a company to create brand loyalty.

Monday, 8 June 2015

Give your business a corporate logo design for competitive Dubai market

Have you ever been to Dubai? Or are you considering setting up a business there in the Dubai market? Studied the market and the competition yet or you are just a beginner for now? Whatever the situation you are in, you are well aware that Dubai is considered as the global village, comprising people from all around the world, even businesses. Are you confident enough that your business will surely make its own way in the highly competitive market? Well, Logo Design presents you with few effective tips to strengthen your business foundation. You can easily do so by having a corporate logo design Dubai customized and business-relevant identity.

Why going for logo as the sole marketing tool? Following are the reasons:

Logo Design Dubai

·         Logo is your business face

Your logo is your brand face; it sets an identity and builds an impression. Have you heard that first impression is the last impression? Well, with the logo this is the case. You need to set a positive first impression on your targeted clients so that the logo hooks their glance, captures their attention and sticks to their memory. Wonder how a logo can do all this, well for this purpose you need to do the following:

Ø  Brainstorm different brand concepts
Ø  Stick to one core concept which gives you competitive edge also
Ø  Hire professional services
Ø  Communicate your core philosophy to the designers
Ø  Review the design you receive and ask for the appropriate redo, if necessary

·         Logo represents your business & customers

It is only a design but it targets the customers as well as represents the business. The professional services are known for their niche to create such a design which speaks volumes to the customers about the businesses. Have you heard of free and cheap designs? These services provide logos for no or minimal costs. What’s wrong with such designs is that they do not reflect the business philosophy and the brand concept and fails to target the audience. The right way is to reflect the brand concept and target the audience simultaneously to keep them engaged and retained.

Your logo design Dubai must be the design to do less talking and more work for your business. It must have the originality, uniqueness and individuality that only a professional designing team promises. With a unique and inspirational design, your business has a long way to go for it saves its investment, get a lasting design for audience to remember and recall with promising quality and timeless recognition.  

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

5 web design tips that really works for your website

There are always new tips and studies coming in the market, making the work easier and quicker. Today, Logo Design presents 5 web design tips that really work for your website setting a professional impression, and giving updated look and feel.

Tip #1: Keep your website clean

It is best if you keep your website clean and free from any clutter and overdoing any designing or content element. Though web is no exception in giving out cluttered look to the audience with so many ads, banners, icons, badges, pop-ups, buttons, signs and other features, it gets heavy on the look and complicated to the eyes. Give your audience a break from all this clutter and go for a flat design with white space, minimal and simplistic approach. Always consider that less is more.

Tip #2: Study your website requirements

Never start designing unprepared and without doing any research and brainstorming. Start looking at other’s work for ideas, inspirations and how they delivered the same boring concept in a new and impressive way. Look for ideas and figure out how you can present the same ideas in a unique and distinctive theme. Study your target audience so that you present what rightly reflects and effectively presents your business approach to them.

Tip #3: Test the visual hierarchy

Never underestimate the visual hierarchy and never consider the website design and development work done without the visual aspects. Pay attention to how your website space and patterns are working. Have you placed the important content the optimized way? Visual hierarchy defines the easiness of the template and layout on the design. If the eyes move easily that means more clicks coming your way. Place important content in coveted spaces which are easy to spot and are prominent.

Tip #4: Legible text

Text is important for the information you provide answers the questions customers have in mind and resolves their issues and confusions. For legible text make sure you have a color scheme which works in the favor of reading. Keep the font reader-friendly, not too small or large which is unpractical. Do not use more than two fonts for your text, keeping one for headings and one for long paragraphs.

Tip #5: Professional touch

Hire a professional designer and developer for your professional responsive web design to make it easy on your brand impression and on your corporate budget. The professional work of Logo Design falls within your budget due to practical budget-friendly packages and gives you promising, professional online site for your market exposure and attracting the target audience. 

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Realize the importance of your business web design today

Just as a potential customer would think twice before entering a badly designed and furnished shop, in the same way internet users take one look at a poorly designed website and promptly close the window. Many companies do not realize this but a website has a huge impact on how their customers and potential clients view their company. Yes, having a great and compelling Responsive web design does matter! A boring design is one of the most important reasons why potential customers do not trust a company. Other reasons why an impressive website is necessary are:

Increasing online visibility

The internet has completely changed the way people look for and share information. It has now become crucial for a company to have its own website, so that it is easy for potential customers to locate them and find out more about them. Social media is a powerful tool for businesses but it is of hardly any use if a company does not have its own personalized space on the web. And it is even more important to have an amazing design because a website is a representation of a company.

Informing Potential Customers

A compelling website will have ample amount of content informing potential clients about their products or services. This will not only help in converting prospective clients into loyal customers, it will also help retain existing ones. Ideally, a website should have pages giving detailed information about a company’s products and services. In this way, a company can improve or maintain their brand’s image.

Ease of Navigation

A good website needs to have an easy navigation system. There should be a navigation bar so that potential customers can easily move from one page to another. Also, the navigation system should be easy to understand so that people are able to find what they’re looking for. Of course, for a company dealing in many different types of products or services, it is important to have content linking to other related products. This will undoubtedly lead to more sales.

Building trust through dialogue

 An interesting web design from professional team of Logo Design incorporates ways that customers and prospective clients can interact with the company. Many customers feel the need to either praise a product or highlight their grievances. This kind of communication will have a very great impact on customers and this will also help a company create brand loyalty.

In this age of technological advancement, a company would suffer dearly if they have a boring and uninspiring website. 

Saturday, 14 March 2015

5 logo design principles- a detailed insight

You might have heard and read about the 5 logo design principles which are simplicity, memorability, timelessness, versatility, and appropriateness. Many designers and writers have written extensively on this topic but today we are discussing something more than just the principles. The main purpose is to design a good logo which is healthy for the business and effective for the audience. It must communicate the key business message and values across the masses. A logo must quickly communicate the product with quality design.

In-depth Insight to Simplicity

There is more to simplicity than simply understand and recognizing the logo. You need the right interpretation derived from the target audience, drawn on the subconscious associations and trigger the right emotions. How you achieve simplicity?

  • Proportion and symmetry ensures a well-balanced and aesthetically appealing logo   
  • Selective use of colors makes your logo stand in the good range for effective branding and consistency
  • Clarity ensures that your business identity lacks any distractions and clutters. It enhances the simplicity for quick and effective communication without confusing the audience
  • Find the perfect balance between simplicity, effective communication to represent your brand with a memorable logo.

In-depth Insight to Memorability

Memorability is staying in the audience minds for longer time period. How you achieve this goal?

  • Original design blends in by attracting audience with something new
  • Describable and distinguishing features is attractive to the eye, describing the business in one go Outstanding and distinctive design is another plus point for a memorable design
  • Clever use of negative and white space benefits the memorability

In-depth Insight to Timeless

Your logo needs to stay in the market for long. How is this possible?

  • Avoiding cliché, euphemisms and metaphors gives the logo the originality, freshness and positivity
  • Avoiding trends and fads ensure that the logo lasts long in the market
  • Changing of public opinions and transcend fashion must be avoided to present your business with an effective and timeless design 

In-depth Insight to Versatility

Make your logo appear anywhere with relevancy. How you achieve this?
  • Make sure your logo is conveniently used in any medium, keeping consistency intact
  • Effective choice of color gives the logo a prominent and effective design
  • Scalability adds in the effectiveness without losing the finest details
  • Reversibility adds in the advantage of flexibility making the logo work in reverse

In-depth Insight to Appropriateness

Appropriate logo design is business-relevant and customer-oriented. How to make your logo appropriate?
  • Relevancy with the target audience makes you convey the right image with your logo, ensuring business success and growth
  • Targeted elements not only explains the business but communicates the unique strengths and attributes
  • Every element has a certain meaning to bridge the gap between the company and the audience

The Key to Success

The key to your business success lies in the professional and quality designing services of Logo Design where the proficiently expert graphic designer teams create the perfect combination for your lasting and business-relevant logo identity. 

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

5 effective tips to increase customers from ecommerce website

E-commerce is not a new trend anymore and with time the E-commerce businesses are facing challenges to keep up with high web traffic, especially during the holiday season, there are more visitors than usual. How to make your ecommerce website competitive enough so that your potential customers do not visit any other online store? Following are the effective tips to attract potential customers and turn them into actual buyers. 

1.       Build Lasting Trust

With so much trend of data breach, shoppers are always on alert to protect their information and take necessary precautions especially with e commerce software. You need to build trust on your customers related to your brand. Add some trust building factors in your website such as:

·         Valid and secure payment procedure and source
·         Information about tracking number and shipping details
·         Detailed company policy related to E commerce process and transactions
·         FAQs page
·         Contact information

2.       Sense of Urgency

When there is a holiday season or any event in particular, then you must create a sense of urgency for your customers. Close the deal or offer on-time so that the customers know that there is a limited quantity available for sale. Create effective product descriptions to evoke the right emotions to boost the buying process. Entice your visitors and compel them to make the desired purchase. Stand out distinctive with compelling and interactive product descriptions.

3.       Help customers with the shopping

Be helpful and not pushy. Make them realize the professional quality you are offering through relevant tabs, user-friendly navigation and quick loading and browsing on your ecommerce website. Help your customers make the right and quick buying decision through tabs of:

·         What other people viewed
·        Question & Answer section
·         Care instructions or videos for demo
·         Reviews and swatches, which is better than the testimonials

4.       Optimized Website

Keep your website optimized for all types of shoppers and buyers. Focus and pay attention of giving your site a responsive side as well because now the conversion rates from mobile-optimized sites are much higher and ever-increasing. Quick loading time, easy navigation, easy-to-understand shopping procedure increases the effectiveness of your website, making it optimized. Get your ecommerce software designed from Logo Design to reap maximum benefits.

5.       Easy Checkout Process

Give your customers clear and transparent shipping costs. As your customers head towards the checkout, their anxiety to complete the purchase increases. Do not make your visitors leave your website just before the checkout process. Therefore, mention all the shipping and handling fees, delivery charges and other expenses while they are make the purchase. 

Friday, 6 February 2015

Better late than never- Top 6 ways to revitalize your ecommerce website

Successful ecommerce store marketing is nearly impossible with obsolete and ineffectual techniques. Today the competition is tough and severe so make sure your business presents itself as an updated, interactive, appealing company instead of an outdated and non-professional image. Applying the philosophy of better late than never, you must revitalize the business ecommerce store with these 5 effective ways. These techniques encompass effective marketing and sale increment for the business.

1.       Content Marketing

Content is not confined to one particular area; it has a boundary-less approach. With content you can market your ecommerce website by writing articles for various individual sites. You can offer unique article to the sites with good page ranking so that you link your article with your store and increase the web visitors. Have guest post on industry blogs with quality content and convincing style. Bring in quality backlinks with quality testimonials for other companies.

2.       Discounted or Free

Offer something to those who create information-rich content with organic links to your website. You can go for low-cost or for free donation of products or services for review. It helps in generating long-term return in sales and benefits in Search Engine Optimization. Do this for companies you genuinely endorse so that your business credibility and reputation stays intact.

3.       On-site SEO

Make sure your website reaches the top ranks the right way. Link building process needs the keyword research so invest in time to understand what potential and current customers will use the words to search about your products. Match these common keywords with internal linking and on-page content so that website traffic increases with organic ways.

4.       Social media presence

Social media is a powerful platform to spread brand concept and expand the fan base. It derives sales, increase web growth and improves organic SEO rankings. With social media you have the right technique to interact with customers, build a positive company reputation, take a proactive approach for social engagement encouragement and build a community of fans and followers, which all goes in favor of your ecommerce website.

5.       Submissions

Submitting your links to boost SEO process is a good idea. Avoid low-quality and spammy directories and focus on quality and niche-specific directories for marketing tactics. Engage with your target audience through active forums. Use various active forums as an advertising venue, promoting your brand and responding to queries.

6.       Professional services

Always make sure you hire the professional website design and development team for your ecommerce online store. Logo Design offers pocket-friendly, effective and efficient packages and deals for customers around the world, taking advantage of professional and experienced services to boost their online business store.