Tuesday, 15 April 2014

5 tips to give your logo design more power

Logo design is brand identity, business representation! It is just a symbol to some but strategically and technically it has the great power. It is used to create strategic position for the brand. Which is why I am here to discuss how to give the symbolic power more boost and power? Designing the brand identity is not enough in its own way. What is more important is how businesses use it to achieve the optimum market exposure? Creative, frequent and repetitive symbol use creates the lasting familiarity and strong recognition in the market.

Love for Logo
A logo is not famous and known in a fortnight. Business strives for this day and the best way to strive is to communicate with creativity. It generates interests, builds familiarity of the brand. You do not need to worry about the entire industry or market, keep your keen focus on target audience only. Choose opportunities wisely and implement suitable strategies for your business. Here are the 5 tips to give your symbol new power.

1.                   Sponsor Your Industry
Be known in your industry with sponsorships. Sponsor various events such as seminars, trade shows. Alert your competitors, partners and potential target customers. Begin with affordable and then go for highly expensive ones. Make sure that your brand symbol gets the publicity paying off your investment.

2.                   Sponsor sports team
Local sports team are always in need of good sponsors. Choose the teams which have best public exposure for the target market and then make your sponsor. Make the brand symbol appear on their scoreboards, uniforms and bill boards.

3.                   Make a clever use of promotional products
Many companies use products for their brand promotions. Use anything you can personalize for company promotion. You can use pen, wallet, mug, flask, pen holder, shirt, notebook, pencil or other.

4.                   Use packaging and collateral for promotion
Imprint your logo on the packaging of your brand. If its tissue paper, carton box or even a chewing gum, make your logo visible. If you provide service, then make sure that your logo is placed in all collateral pieces like business cards, promotional offers, or pamphlets.

5.                   Logo activation
Do not use delivery trucks but cars for brand promotion. Move your logo on roads for mobile publicity. This makes people notice the brand, the company from the car or van. Mobilize it in the zone of your target market.

The success tip is to brand smartly. Do not overdo it. Make clever use of your budget and your promotions. 

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Successful Tips to Design a Flawless Ecommerce Website

You may find many tips for a flawless ecommerce website on internet. All blogs and articles advising you approximately the same thing such as improve your graphic design; make your site a one-step checkout, have the proper and suitable font, assign one page to the quick checkout, maximize your online presence on search engines and have a quick and speedy website. You have been there, done that! What is next?
There is more to an online shopping interface than these basics. Businesses usually fail to notice where designers intentionally do not let them know. But, you have to be smart to win over the competition and capture your target audience and keep customer engagement high. 


Right fonts and attractive layout, but do u have the right software? Have professional software that supports your brand. Go for customized design. Inspire your customers with attractive advertisements and SEOs. Get payment-based web hosts. Supporting software is important because the heavier the software is for your layout and design, the more loading and navigation time it will require; making customers lose interest and switch brands eventually.

Study the deal

Many of the businesses go for professional web developers and also get a web host for the website. Go through the package twice before confirming the deal. Evaluate what you are getting. Study the deal. Are you paying enough or more than required? Find the web development team which provides you with a full wizard-driven setup. It is not only easy to use but it has templates just right for your business, along with a SSL protective encryption, and a database-driven system for system integration promotion and various paid gateway options suiting your business needs.

Shopping cart

Once the experts develop your ecommerce website as an online shopping cart, you need shopping-cart software which guarantees to do wonders for you. The software must be promising to work best for your services. This software smoothens and eases the procedure of taking orders, calculation of shipping charges and taxation and sending order messages to the customers. You can get this shopping-cart software easily at reasonable price. 

Starting bank accounts

Banks accounts are a must! They facilitate your financial transactions. The account helps you have credit card payments accepted online. Have a payment gateway account for smooth connection with your client’s credit card account.

Next time you get an online shopping website; do not just go for an attractive and appealing layout. There is so much more to online shopping and transactions. Focus on everything that you do. Your effort and dedication makes your brand lead the market. Right guidance and consultation with correct software and hosting can do wonders for your business!