Saturday, 14 March 2015

5 logo design principles- a detailed insight

You might have heard and read about the 5 logo design principles which are simplicity, memorability, timelessness, versatility, and appropriateness. Many designers and writers have written extensively on this topic but today we are discussing something more than just the principles. The main purpose is to design a good logo which is healthy for the business and effective for the audience. It must communicate the key business message and values across the masses. A logo must quickly communicate the product with quality design.

In-depth Insight to Simplicity

There is more to simplicity than simply understand and recognizing the logo. You need the right interpretation derived from the target audience, drawn on the subconscious associations and trigger the right emotions. How you achieve simplicity?

  • Proportion and symmetry ensures a well-balanced and aesthetically appealing logo   
  • Selective use of colors makes your logo stand in the good range for effective branding and consistency
  • Clarity ensures that your business identity lacks any distractions and clutters. It enhances the simplicity for quick and effective communication without confusing the audience
  • Find the perfect balance between simplicity, effective communication to represent your brand with a memorable logo.

In-depth Insight to Memorability

Memorability is staying in the audience minds for longer time period. How you achieve this goal?

  • Original design blends in by attracting audience with something new
  • Describable and distinguishing features is attractive to the eye, describing the business in one go Outstanding and distinctive design is another plus point for a memorable design
  • Clever use of negative and white space benefits the memorability

In-depth Insight to Timeless

Your logo needs to stay in the market for long. How is this possible?

  • Avoiding cliché, euphemisms and metaphors gives the logo the originality, freshness and positivity
  • Avoiding trends and fads ensure that the logo lasts long in the market
  • Changing of public opinions and transcend fashion must be avoided to present your business with an effective and timeless design 

In-depth Insight to Versatility

Make your logo appear anywhere with relevancy. How you achieve this?
  • Make sure your logo is conveniently used in any medium, keeping consistency intact
  • Effective choice of color gives the logo a prominent and effective design
  • Scalability adds in the effectiveness without losing the finest details
  • Reversibility adds in the advantage of flexibility making the logo work in reverse

In-depth Insight to Appropriateness

Appropriate logo design is business-relevant and customer-oriented. How to make your logo appropriate?
  • Relevancy with the target audience makes you convey the right image with your logo, ensuring business success and growth
  • Targeted elements not only explains the business but communicates the unique strengths and attributes
  • Every element has a certain meaning to bridge the gap between the company and the audience

The Key to Success

The key to your business success lies in the professional and quality designing services of Logo Design where the proficiently expert graphic designer teams create the perfect combination for your lasting and business-relevant logo identity. 

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

5 effective tips to increase customers from ecommerce website

E-commerce is not a new trend anymore and with time the E-commerce businesses are facing challenges to keep up with high web traffic, especially during the holiday season, there are more visitors than usual. How to make your ecommerce website competitive enough so that your potential customers do not visit any other online store? Following are the effective tips to attract potential customers and turn them into actual buyers. 

1.       Build Lasting Trust

With so much trend of data breach, shoppers are always on alert to protect their information and take necessary precautions especially with e commerce software. You need to build trust on your customers related to your brand. Add some trust building factors in your website such as:

·         Valid and secure payment procedure and source
·         Information about tracking number and shipping details
·         Detailed company policy related to E commerce process and transactions
·         FAQs page
·         Contact information

2.       Sense of Urgency

When there is a holiday season or any event in particular, then you must create a sense of urgency for your customers. Close the deal or offer on-time so that the customers know that there is a limited quantity available for sale. Create effective product descriptions to evoke the right emotions to boost the buying process. Entice your visitors and compel them to make the desired purchase. Stand out distinctive with compelling and interactive product descriptions.

3.       Help customers with the shopping

Be helpful and not pushy. Make them realize the professional quality you are offering through relevant tabs, user-friendly navigation and quick loading and browsing on your ecommerce website. Help your customers make the right and quick buying decision through tabs of:

·         What other people viewed
·        Question & Answer section
·         Care instructions or videos for demo
·         Reviews and swatches, which is better than the testimonials

4.       Optimized Website

Keep your website optimized for all types of shoppers and buyers. Focus and pay attention of giving your site a responsive side as well because now the conversion rates from mobile-optimized sites are much higher and ever-increasing. Quick loading time, easy navigation, easy-to-understand shopping procedure increases the effectiveness of your website, making it optimized. Get your ecommerce software designed from Logo Design to reap maximum benefits.

5.       Easy Checkout Process

Give your customers clear and transparent shipping costs. As your customers head towards the checkout, their anxiety to complete the purchase increases. Do not make your visitors leave your website just before the checkout process. Therefore, mention all the shipping and handling fees, delivery charges and other expenses while they are make the purchase.