Wednesday, 13 May 2015

5 web design tips that really works for your website

There are always new tips and studies coming in the market, making the work easier and quicker. Today, Logo Design presents 5 web design tips that really work for your website setting a professional impression, and giving updated look and feel.

Tip #1: Keep your website clean

It is best if you keep your website clean and free from any clutter and overdoing any designing or content element. Though web is no exception in giving out cluttered look to the audience with so many ads, banners, icons, badges, pop-ups, buttons, signs and other features, it gets heavy on the look and complicated to the eyes. Give your audience a break from all this clutter and go for a flat design with white space, minimal and simplistic approach. Always consider that less is more.

Tip #2: Study your website requirements

Never start designing unprepared and without doing any research and brainstorming. Start looking at other’s work for ideas, inspirations and how they delivered the same boring concept in a new and impressive way. Look for ideas and figure out how you can present the same ideas in a unique and distinctive theme. Study your target audience so that you present what rightly reflects and effectively presents your business approach to them.

Tip #3: Test the visual hierarchy

Never underestimate the visual hierarchy and never consider the website design and development work done without the visual aspects. Pay attention to how your website space and patterns are working. Have you placed the important content the optimized way? Visual hierarchy defines the easiness of the template and layout on the design. If the eyes move easily that means more clicks coming your way. Place important content in coveted spaces which are easy to spot and are prominent.

Tip #4: Legible text

Text is important for the information you provide answers the questions customers have in mind and resolves their issues and confusions. For legible text make sure you have a color scheme which works in the favor of reading. Keep the font reader-friendly, not too small or large which is unpractical. Do not use more than two fonts for your text, keeping one for headings and one for long paragraphs.

Tip #5: Professional touch

Hire a professional designer and developer for your professional responsive web design to make it easy on your brand impression and on your corporate budget. The professional work of Logo Design falls within your budget due to practical budget-friendly packages and gives you promising, professional online site for your market exposure and attracting the target audience.