Thursday, 22 October 2015

Ecommerce website- a popular acquisition method for customers

In today’s era, e-commerce website has gained so much popularity that it has genuinely became the trendy acquisition method for customers around the globe. Online retail shops are easily reachable from anywhere in the world and without stepping out the goods comes right to your doorstep.

If you want to keep your e-trade businesses growing, then it is vital to focus on the designing of the site. Every entrepreneur knows the stuff like checkout pages, shopping cart, security features and search bars. Beside these things they should focus on the designing of the web page which helps in attracting the larger part of audiences.
Here we have mentioned a list of trends that are ideal for designing or launching a new ecommerce website:

 · Homepage Shopping Details

It is important that your homepage should give a magnificent first impression. The colors, content and layout should leave a lasting impact in the mind of each user. Probably your page content also holds an equal importance when designing an online retail shop. Therefore, it is essential to design your homepage with lively visuals and reference material so that it gives your visitors an informative impression.

 · Say no to Large Category Lists

It is imperative to keep some of the essentials of Ecommerce Website hidden unless they are required. For instance, a large categories list and navigation menu is essential for a site but sometimes it disturbs the visitors as it covers the whole web page. Hence, it is necessary to use drop down menus for better user experience.

 · Focus on video

As we all know that video accounts 70 % of all the internet traffic, online customers grow more receptive to visual display and look for responsive layouts in your site. So, it is vital to place videos on your site because it will become a front and center asset to communicate your product details and facilitates enhanced webrooming.
It is a great way to deliver top quality content and it profits your online store by leading to higher average orders and driving conversions.

 · Clarity in pricing details

One of the major reasons that your visitors leave your web page is the partial pricing details of the products. It is important to design your online store in such a way that all your pricing details show up on the same product page.

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