Thursday, 9 February 2017

5 Facts to Have a Responsive Website Design

User’s interactivity on the web has increased exponentially. The increased use of smartphones has led the companies to develop site for mobile users. Keeping in view the need of users, the concept of responsive website design has been introduced. A responsive design is a proactive approach aimed at developing websites to provide a great user experience. A responsive design possesses the ability to adjust its elements to fit the device displaying it.

Here are the 5 facts to have a responsive website design:

  • One Website for all Devices
Over the past few years, users were beset by web pages that were meant to be viewed on the desktop monitors. For mobile users these web designs failed to provide a better user experience on mobile devices. With responsive design, the same website can easily be viewed on all mobile devices such as laptop, tablet and smartphones. Moreover, responsive designs have eliminated the need for creating separate websites for different devices. One responsive website design works on all the devices.

  • Economical
It has reduced the need of creating separate websites for separate devices. Creating one website for all the devices will help to save the cost and time. Moreover, it eradicates the troublesome of maintaining two sites. So, a responsive design is more beneficial and economical.

  • Easy to Optimize
Having two different websites of one single business creates more problems and it lacks uniformity. Two different sites means two separate URLs. Having two separate URLs will automatically divide the traffic between the sites. Having a responsive design helps to achieve uniformity and becomes easy to optimize.

  • Best User Experience
A responsive website design provides great user experience and eliminates the need of switching two different formats. Such designs set industry standards with unique designs and user centered functionality.

  • Extends the Reach
Today, web is increasingly being accessed through mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. So, it is important for a business or brand to have a user-friendly website design. It is necessary to consolidate the site to be both browser and mobile-friendly. This helps the website to remain flexible for any changes in future. Such responsive designs also help businesses to extend their reach across the globe.

It's time to look closely to the trends and start planning to have a unique responsive website design for your business. Having a great online presence helps the business to extend its reach across the globe.

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