Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Holiday Logo design Inspirations

Your company’s logo design is not just an image; it’s the image of your business, it holds the concept of your brand, it promotes who you are. Using a logo that celebrates the holiday spirit shows that you are really ready for the season!

The following inspirations can help you redesign your logo design creatively with the holiday theme:

1.      Give your logo a Christmas makeover

Redesign your business logo according to the holiday season, and the best theme to follow is a Christmas logo design. These thematic designs add a decorative touch to your business logo letting your clients know that you are all set and prepared for the holiday season!

2.      Snow Globe Christmas Theme

There are many creative ways of creating a logo design in the holiday season; you can also design a business logo inside of a snow globe. For example you can place your business logo on a wooden sign inside a snow globe and then snap it to create a high-resolution picture. This helps your company enjoy a good image in the eyes of your clients and puts your website in a seasonal feel.

3. Bring a holiday feel to all your design concepts

Make your logo awesome; make it stand out from the rest of the logos by adding a touch of the holiday season, you need to make your business logo design more Christmassy, shinier, and more colorful. This will encourage your customers to keep logging back to your website, so add a graphic appeal to all your logo design concepts, you can also add special holiday seasonal discounts this will also encourage your clients to keep logging back.

4. Put a Santa Hat on Your Logo

You don’t have to necessarily go overboard with the design, use creative design concepts that will attract your   viewers and most of the times simple design concepts that are easy on the eyes do well. Add simple Christmas logo clip art to your logo design concepts! Using a snow man or a reindeer is also a good idea. And make sure you do this all across your marketing activities, not only on your website and email promotions but also on all your social media pages.

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Optimize your web design to boost Christmas sales

Christmas is the great time to increase business sales and revenues. Attract more and more of the web visitors with your appealing and interactive web design. To enjoy most of this Christmas festive season, optimize your website with the following tips.

First, have a customized logo with professional designing elements and originally creative concept. Strategic positioning of the logo helps the visitors notice it and relate it to the core brand concept. Link the logo back with the home page for easy navigation and a quick jump for the customer to the landing page. Prominently place it on the site with high-resolution image and place it on the upper left corner of every page.

Secondly, not only provide primary navigation but use intuitive navigation as well. Add the other navigation as the side bar. This helps ease in making people understand the navigation layouts and they know which link is given enough importance and which isn’t.

Do not clutter your website with content and images that it becomes an information overloaded medium with so many options, that confuses the audience. Keep visitors intact with the brand with strategic and compelling call to action and importantly positioned content and graphics. Limit the links and options in the header and footer accordingly. Keep the paragraphs short with not more than five to six lines.

Create enough space in your website that there is text and image, yet still enough space for the customers to grasp all the information and understand the brand offerings. Keep the audience focused with controlled white space and controlled user flow. Keep in mind that less is more therefore your ultimate motive should be to give enhancing the user experience and increase the returns from the website. This is possible when you have the professional website design and development services with guaranteed customer satisfaction and creative web design.

You can get all this with the professional services by Logo Design, with amazing web interfaces created according to your brand theme and target audience. The professionals make strategic use of colors for a clean, modern and elegant look and feel of the website. Choice of color scheme is according to the logo, brand concept and marketing collateral.

The professionally qualified team always ensures that the content, text and images, added in the website are 100% original, customized and creative. Deliver the promising quality with customized original content to increase brand reliability and credibility among the audience. Deliver the quality to build customer trust on your brand. Boost Christmas sales with customized, unique and interactive website for a new look and feel of your business. 

Monday, 1 December 2014

The first impression of your business logo design counts

The first impression of everything you see, hear and perceive counts and sticks to your mind, depending on how strong the impression is, whether positively or negatively. First impression is very important if you, as a business person, set a strong and positive image of your business on your customers and potential clientele. The first impression is the driving force to get positive feedback. Only make sure that your product is strong enough to grab the target audience attention on the first sight.

In today’s tough competition, the significance of the first impression has immensely increased. Today it is very easy for the customers to switch from one brand to another and look for high quality and promising credibility in the market unless they get satisfaction and value for money. The businesses are striving to set a strong, positive first impression on their target market through their business logo design. In such situation, it is a huge responsibility of the businesses to capture audience attention in the very first glance and give away a professional logo for a strong brand value and positive brand impression.

Your business logo sets a positive, precise, simple and appealing introduction to your brand and your company. This is what set a first impression and works to build strong brand recognition in the market. Now how the first impression of a brand logo is important? Logo establishes your business identity and builds a bond between the company and the target audience. This bond is stronger if the logo successfully sticks to the minds of the target audience and effectively communicates the brand core concept. There are just few seconds for the logo to work on the customers.
This is why you need a unique, memorable, creative and easy to understand logo design. It is the human nature that the unique, simple and creative things capture our attention quickly so it is just a matter of few seconds to make your brand identity really work on your customers. The positive first impression builds a promising image of the business in the competitive market through a unique and meaningful logo.

Get a huge clientele for your business with a memorable and understandable design from none other than but Logo Design. The company has a professional designer team who work effortlessly to make your target customers stick with your brand through a memorable and positive first impression. The team gives your business an effective symbol with unique, creative designing elements and successfully establishes the professional business image, brand recognition and customer loyalty.