Saturday, 11 October 2014

Killer rules for an effective web design

It is good for you if you trust in the capabilities, technicalities and skills of a web design firm. However, it is of no harm to you if you learn something about web design to make sure that the price you are paying is giving you a worthy value.


This refers to the friendliness of the website for its users. The usability is actually an approach which makes the website understandable and accessible, where any visitor easily understands what the business is offering. When you visit any site you look for clear and concise directions like menu tips, navigational menu, site map, presentable appearance and appealing look.


This refers to the website development practice where all the people can easily access the website, regardless of the abilities and disabilities of the people. With correct designing, development, editing and execution, the target audience has equal access to the site functionality and information. It is not important that you have to pay extra amount of money to have an accessible website. It is the work of the professional designers of Logo Design who give you an accessible site with proper coding in standard HTML so that your business interface has accessible features for the ease of your target audience.

Search Engine Friendly

This element is important. Not only will it get your website indexed on most of the known search engines but it will help your business generate huge traffic into your business. For search engine friendly website you need proper Meta tags, title tags, descriptions, H1 and H2 tags with URL structure and keyword rich content.

Social Media

You can easily find new clients and customers and achieve more market exposure with the support of social web marketing. This is possible only when your website is social media ready, meaning to add various options on the web pages where you allow the visitors to share your content on the social network within few clicks. The social media ready website supports your business branding and promotion on the next level.

Updated Easily

You cannot get a web design for a lifetime; you need to change it after a particular span of time. For this purpose you need a content management system to periodically update your site. So, keep your website regularly updated with the latest news and offers to hook the target audience and keep them connected with the company.

Easy Maintenance

Add in easy to go features for easy maintenance such as accessible email accounts on the official domain name. Make sure that your web design maintenance is not costly for you. 

Friday, 3 October 2014

Ecommerce website: handy tips and tricks

Taking little steps is just a beginning to a successful road ahead. Every new project faces downfalls. Every new entrepreneur sees the dark days, often loses hope and accepts failure too soon. But the key is to take little steps and focus on tiny things to make it all worth in the end. This is also the case with businesses and especially online business. The idea may look mad at the start. How the new business will ever grow in this tough competition? How will it make its place in the non-ending race and win over the target market share? Nonetheless, the success is guaranteed if the entrepreneurs focus on small little things to make their business and its ecommerce website a success.

With your online shopping cart your aim is to always give your visitors a beautiful shopping experience, every time they visit your site. Give them something new, fresh and appealing. Make your customers fall in love not only of what you offer but how you offer it. Make such an appealing way of call-to-action that it takes the customer no time to move from the landing page to the order checkout process. Your target is to get the potential customers and more of them with every passing minute!

What are the little steps you need to design and build a successful online shopping cart?
Give your customer an easy-to-use website, where they have the ease and comfort to refine and filter their options, saving their time and effort. Allow the option of reversing their choices if they make a mistake or change their minds. Another great trick is to keep the search bar in easy reach and at a prominent position. Make it clear to the visitors if the items are out of the stock. Do not remove the product for SEO purposes but do mention that the product is out of stock so as to avoid annoying and angry customers. Add in the appeal factor of your website with quality photography. Convince the customers to buy with their eyes and drool over your products.

Place the shopping cart in prominent position on every page. Give your audience an ecommerce website with easy navigation. Focus on the search engine optimization of your website to attract web traffic with effective H1 and H2 tags. Add in the personality of your website with the professional website design and development services of Logo Design. The expert designer team gives in their 100% to add the little elements in your shopping website so that you have the edge over your competitors and your business strikingly survive in this tough marketing environment