Thursday, 29 May 2014

Top 3 reasons to get audience-engaging web design

Do you your company is dependent on an engaging and interactive website? Have you ever seriously considered that your site can lead the way to more customers, sales, and profits? If you haven’t thought till now, then this is the time to think and rethink about it; because this is a serious matter!

A lot more serious than you think! Web design is not just a layout or a graphical style installed and incorporated in your site, there is much more to that!

Imagine a dull and boring site with great content, good picture and good appealing networking links. But, the site is not attractive. It does not even have a proper layout or enough images or even a 60-second video to attract visitors. How will it capture the audience attention?

For a successful website, everything needs to go well. From your content to your graphics to your images, everything is supported by the design and it is supported by everything on the site. It is all inter-related.

So the point is, you need:
1.      Professional touch
2.      Planning
3.      Balance

Notice how I have given importance to professional touch the most. No wonder that if you get hold of the right professional touch, direction and assistance in your services, your web design will surely become a hit. What you need for yourself and your company is a professional designer and developer team which falls within your budget and offers you with customized and creative solutions. If you get hold of a brilliant team of Logo Design, you will have a win-win situation in your hands straight away.

As for the planning factor, it is a collaborative point. Your collaboration with the designers can make you achieve what you desire. You need proper planning about everything your website must have and can have. There might be some ideas you already have and you can discuss them with the experts for your professional assistance. There might be some great recommendations from the experts to you with remarkable changes for your site.

Third top reason is balance, moderation and consistency. Don’t overdo anything! That’s the tip to success. Whether it is your layout, content, images, link building, everything needs moderation. Your consistency is your key to success. So, what you need is no more and no less for a great website.

If you have done as suggested above and followed these 3 reasons I have highlighted, I assure you that you will get a great audience-engaging design for your healthy business. Log on to Logo Design for great budget-friendly packages and customized services.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

How to Design a Successful E-commerce Website

Before you design a website, you need to focus on a few aspects and factors to make your website work and become successfully operated.


Cleanliness attracts. It indicates easy, plain, user-friendly procedure. Your website may require many elements on every page, but place the most persuasive ones in the pages for your customers. List the elements and choose the important ones. Do not add those which are non-relevant and don’t add anything productive to your website. Keep all of your pages clutter-free to avoid information overload in your website.


Make strong, impactful and persuasive call-to-action for users wherever required, such as in product page, there must be a next step to lead the customer forward in the purchasing process. For your ecommerce website, there may be options like ‘Add to Wish list’, ‘Add to Cart’, ‘Checkout’, ‘select Payment Procedure’ and other related buying steps. Have one strong call-to-action at one page, referred to as the primary call-to-action. As for the secondary calls, there may be several indirect hints where visitor is offered secondary offers to keep them engaged.


Remain consistent throughout with your website style, layout and colors. Do not confuse your audience. Be consistent in every page and maintain the same level of layout and design.

Shopping Cart

Keep a prominent shopping cart on every page that is easily visible and hardly unavoidable by the audience. The best way for prominent effect is to keep your shopping cart at the top right corner so that it stays visible, and audience knows how much their cart costs with every product added. This makes the audience relax and comfortable with checking out process.

Organized structure

An organized and well-structured websites gives the audience clear idea of where they are and where they need to go next. They follow clear navigation paths. For a well-structured site, you can have drop down menus or breadcrumb links.


Be intuitive and instinctive in every step. Give your audience a clear ecommerce website design for their convenience and predictability of what comes next if they click on something and how they can meet their objectives with your website. Keep site design clean with on-hover techniques. Give your audience a pleasing, anticipated experience with easy understandable instructions. Test your design for best results before introducing in real market.

Check-out process

Add convenience and comfort in every step to give your audience a remarkable experience at your website and a persuasive branding to turn normal visitors into current clients. Have an relaxed check out procedure. Require easy information with easy, clutter-free labeling. Get ideas from other successful websites from Logo Design.