Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Make Your Logo Design Right From The Start

The significance of an intense logo design can't be taken lightly; it is a solid image and eventually the most essential symbol for clients to perceive your image. While utilizing an expert designer is the best thing for building up the most amazing and significant brand mark. Beneath are various guidelines to help you capitalize on your brand symbol outline.

Merge your symbol with graphic image

It is necessary to focus on the appearance and styling of the brand emblem because it adds a meaning to your mark. Therefore, it is imperative to consider an appealing look for the business identity, and then allow them to merge with the realistic graphic image. An outstanding mark helps to communicate the real meaning of the business and creates a strong impact on the customers.

Design it for simplicity and not for complexity

A basic picture with clear, clean content is much simpler to recollect and perceive, and not effortlessly mistook for the plenitude of existing business identities.

Combine it with soothing colors

An incredible corporate identity ought to look great whether in a single color, high contrast, or blended hues and tones. Notwithstanding the color, a business symbol should shine and sparkle in the market.

Avoid resemblance with others

Avoid resemblance of your identity with others as it will land you in conceivable copyright or trademark infringement case, clients shouldn't get befuddled and distinguish your business symbol with a contender's.

Highlight your business with your Brand mark

An excellent business emblem ought to require just its picture. Merge it with a unique tagline or caption. This helps to signify your business functions.

Focus on long term

Envision an organization growing, advancing as the years progressed, it’s marking and building its reputation in the market. That passes on perseverance and security. As opposed to taking after patterns and trends, build up an identity that consistently constructs brand value as the year’s progress.

Research and apply the targeted demographics

Comprehend your client base, and utilize hues that will speak to them, taking into account the research. Use bigger print for those more than 60 and dynamic hues for a more youthful people to make more effect.

Make the right design from start

It is necessary to think that how a logo design will appear on different mediums. So you design it right from the start. These mediums might include banners, billboards, websites, and other stationery products. Make sure that it should be appropriate according to the pixels and colors.

Professional designers from logo design help clients to design their business logo right from the start. So hire us to create an excellent logo design for your business.

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

For A Website Design User Experience Is a Great Success Factor

For a new website design, most of the organizations are inclined towards the overall appearance of the site than anything else. Nonetheless, it has been proven that seamless user experience is really the component factor that should receive the most vital attention and importance during the process of designing. There are different ways in which provide the most ideal user experience.

The term user experience is utilized to depict how simple and advantageous it is for users to explore a site by various devices. It alludes to all parts of how the users referred to utilize interactive items, how well they comprehend the site and how well it accommodates their necessities. As such, if a user lands at a site and finds that it is anything but difficult to utilize, while likewise resolving queries they may have at the time, they will probably utilize the website again in future.

By and large research has demonstrated that, a user will leave or bounce to another site when it doesn't load quickly. In fact a delay of seconds in a site's loading time can bring about a site's bouncing rates to increase by as much as 85%. One of the best ways to hold your users on the site is by providing them a site that loads quickly with great user experience. It is important to ensure that the site loads quickly on all the devices.

These days, more web users are going online by means of their portable devices as opposed to utilizing customary desktop. Therefore, sites that have not created responsively will wind up falling lower than at ever in their search engine rankings. Although some companies create different sites for different devices and they considered responsiveness as unnecessary. However, Google has started applying penalties for the websites that are not designed responsively.

Another essential component to consider when searching for approaches to enhance UX is to guarantee the use of relevant content in the website design. Here the content includes everything pictures, videos, headers and other relevant information. In addition to that, it is important to ensure that other aspects such as contact forms should be easy to load and fill. Implementing all these techniques will not only make your website design compelling and attractive but it also provides visitors seamless user experience and converts them into your potential clients/customers.

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Friday, 15 April 2016

Logo Design Assures Distinction and Recognition

Designing a corporate symbol is a highly challenging and complicated process that needs professionalism and proficient designing expertise. A captivating logo design assures recognition and individuality in the competitive market. Thus, it is safe to conclude that an outstanding business symbol plays a significant role in promoting consistency and overall success of the business. However, the marketplace is fully saturated with business identities, which is why it is difficult to create unique yet appealing corporate emblem which promises great appealing factor and draws in more potential customers. Hence, it is important for the company to adopt a brand mark that is both creative and unique at the same time.

While the market is over flooded with different designing companies, businesses find it difficult to select a proficient company and delegate the job of creating outstanding brand symbol that can qualify to become the unique business symbols. If you are facing the similar issue then look no further because your quest to locate an ideal designing firm ends at Logo Design based in UAE.

Here are some of the essential points that help you to choose us for the creative task:

Our Staff
We have a staff of experienced and expert designers and company identity professionals work hard to make outstanding business symbols for our potential clients. In addition to that we have an experienced and qualified team of quality control that ensures that our prospective customers will only get the best quality that they deserve.

Reasonable Packages
We are known for providing our potential clients with reasonable and competitive designing packages. Our professional designers strive hard to provide 100% customer satisfaction and fulfill their needs within the budget. We don’t charge any hidden cost from our customers our prices are listed in detail.

Expert Professionals
Our professionals are ready to help you in all your designing matters. They are client-oriented and always work to fulfill the needs of the clients and ensure their satisfaction. Our customer support is available 24/7 for the clients. Our expert professionals will continue to work on your designs until you are not fully satisfied with the job.

Dedicated to Excellence
We are dedicated to provide excellent service to our potential customers. Whether you are a small or large scale business our professional designers come up with excellent designing solutions that help your business to earn reputation and attract the attention of customers. Likewise with a good logo design it becomes easy to grab major part of the market share.

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Thursday, 7 April 2016

Best Web Design Trends for the Month of April

An extraordinary aspect regarding taking a gander at patterns every month is getting a look at what creators are exploring constantly.  Specifically, you begin to see a particular hybrid of components that you may have missed at first look.

Indeed, even in selecting illustrations of awesome work for different patterns, sites with these creative tones continued inching in. Here are some of the web design trends for the moth:

Yellowish and Golden Tone

Trends in colors are great fun to watch. Different colors mix with each other to portray a certain message or emotional feelings of the company or the designer. However, yellowish and golden tones are more in for this month. Many companies prefer to use this tone on their websites.

Particularly these yellowish tones are considered the right option to set the emotional connection to the site. The color is basically associated with delight, pleasure and happiness whereas golden tone is considered to be royal and elegant. Both the colors play an essential role to grab the attention of the audience and create awareness among the targeted audience.

Vintage Form

Vintage style is the most happening thing in the designing industry. It has started grabbing the attention and designers are more inclined to use this type of designing element. These type of designs are not only restricted to the web design but it is also used in the logo, typography, fonts, colors, backgrounds and specific images. Vintage design gives that old and classic look that easily catches the glimpse of the users.


With latest development in the designing field now users can also get interactive experience while using the web. Professional designers are creating innovative experiences for online users. They are creating designs in such a way that it feels like users are literally interacting while scrolling on the web. With this creative trend users stay for a long period on the website and convert them into potential client.

In this creative world, professional designers of Logo design form UAE are constantly coming up with new ideas to demonstrate their work and help companies to get a unique website in this tough competition. A unique and attractive website easily grabs the attention of the target and audience and converts them into potential customers. So, if a company wants to survive in this competitive world then it is necessary for them to hire professional developers and designers to create a unique online presence of their company.

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Monday, 23 November 2015

5 reasons that proves services of professional logo maker is important

As an entrepreneur, you might have to address thousands of concerns during your office activities, so you may tempt to overlook the need for expertly crafted brand identity. But, employing the services of professional logo maker is the vital step in the process of upholding and establishing a successful brand.
They focus on creating the right brand symbol that attracts the potential customers in a first glance and communicates the brand idea successfully. They create brand symbol with such flexibility and moderation that it looks consistent in all the marketing areas.
The five reasons listed below focuses on the importance of professional logo makers:
Brand Recognition & Identification
Your organizations brand image starts with a great and unique logo design and grows to each part of your business. The design needs to attract your potential customers in a way that it looks creative, alluring, functional and professional. Your business should provide instant connection to the exceptional product offerings and for that you need a professional designer to build that sort of connection.
 Strengthen the sense of commitment
A professional designer creates unique brand identity that helps your employees to stay connected with design that represents your brands. A strong brand symbol effectively strengthens customer’s commitment and enhances company’s performance. Customers who are strongly committed to a business identity have a very positive brand attitude.
Reflects professionalism and increases brand loyalty
A professional brand symbol portrays that your organization is trustworthy and customers can easily rely on your company. A poor brand mark might cast an unfavorable light on company, and it becomes hard to break the opinion that your business can’t afford a proficient designs.
Conveys your brand story
A unique brand symbol with lively colors, tagline and text helps to easily convey your brand story to your potential customers, dealers, investors and suppliers. An informative brand symbol has the ability to transmit the ideas which is impossible to express with words alone. Professionally designed brand identity creates a positive impression and helps in avoiding misunderstandings.
Efficiency and Productivity
A strong brand identity increases visibility and creates brand awareness. As corporate symbol creates a huge impact on the perception of clients, customers and other various stakeholders, a poorly designed corporate emblem negatively impacts the productivity and workplace efficiency.

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Ecommerce website- a popular acquisition method for customers

In today’s era, e-commerce website has gained so much popularity that it has genuinely became the trendy acquisition method for customers around the globe. Online retail shops are easily reachable from anywhere in the world and without stepping out the goods comes right to your doorstep.

If you want to keep your e-trade businesses growing, then it is vital to focus on the designing of the site. Every entrepreneur knows the stuff like checkout pages, shopping cart, security features and search bars. Beside these things they should focus on the designing of the web page which helps in attracting the larger part of audiences.
Here we have mentioned a list of trends that are ideal for designing or launching a new ecommerce website:

 · Homepage Shopping Details

It is important that your homepage should give a magnificent first impression. The colors, content and layout should leave a lasting impact in the mind of each user. Probably your page content also holds an equal importance when designing an online retail shop. Therefore, it is essential to design your homepage with lively visuals and reference material so that it gives your visitors an informative impression.

 · Say no to Large Category Lists

It is imperative to keep some of the essentials of Ecommerce Website hidden unless they are required. For instance, a large categories list and navigation menu is essential for a site but sometimes it disturbs the visitors as it covers the whole web page. Hence, it is necessary to use drop down menus for better user experience.

 · Focus on video

As we all know that video accounts 70 % of all the internet traffic, online customers grow more receptive to visual display and look for responsive layouts in your site. So, it is vital to place videos on your site because it will become a front and center asset to communicate your product details and facilitates enhanced webrooming.
It is a great way to deliver top quality content and it profits your online store by leading to higher average orders and driving conversions.

 · Clarity in pricing details

One of the major reasons that your visitors leave your web page is the partial pricing details of the products. It is important to design your online store in such a way that all your pricing details show up on the same product page.

Get your unique and creative Ecommerce Website Dubai designed from professional designers of Logo Design. Our professional designers help you in creating a trendy online store which hooks your target audience in the first visit. For further queries call us at +971 55 154 1762.

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

8 Top-Notch Brands With Their New Design Logo

2015 has been a year of change and a refreshing one indeed. When it comes to changing the design of logos, many companies were upfront to dos so. Let us take a look at some newly designed logos that 2015 has given us so far:

1. Google

In September, Google unveiled a new brand symbol. While there was not a massive change in the logo, the new brand identity provided a slight variation to the symbol. The new brand typeface was presented in serif word mark that helped define its brand’s success for the past 16 years.

 2. Verizon

Verizon, America’s largest telecommunication provider has also revamped its brand symbol.  As compared to the previous one, the new brand mark has shortened the large check mark and it is placed on the right side after its brand name.

 3. Hilary Clinton

As soon as Hilary Clinton made an announcement about the new brand mark, social media was set on blaze discussing about the new design which shows an ‘H’ with patriotic blue, white and red color with an arrow pointing right at the center. There was a buzz on social media platform that the symbol resembled hospital sign.

 4. Facebook

Earlier this year Facebook has updated its iconic symbol by making a subtle change in its Klavika typeface. Facebook has just changed the letter ‘a’ to their symbol. Most of the users still haven’t recognized the change.

 5. Royal Albert Hall

Royal Albert Hall, a famous performing art center has updated its unique brand symbol in a bid to appeal a wider audience. The brand mark uses the Hall’s unique silhouette with premium colors that reflects the Victorian heritage.

 6. Daily Motion

It is one of the biggest video platforms on the web, boasting more than 200 million viewers, came up with the new Design Logo. Daily Motion has completely changed its brand identity from an icon to a simple word mark. This change was done by a London based designing agency.

 7. Electrolux

Since 1909, it has been the leader in professional and home appliances. This year in January, it has unveiled a new brand typeface with a creative font that’s unique to Electrolux. The most prominent change in this identity is the replacement of serif font with a proprietary sans serif.

 8. Lexmark

In April 2015, a well known global manufacturer of laser printers has revealed its new and stunning brand identity. The new brand mark has removed the red diamond motif and introduced a green shutter which displays that the company is opened to new extending possibilities.

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