Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Do You Have Logo Design That Connects With The Emotions of Customers?

The design concept, the font, the colors and the presentation of your logo should impress your target customers and if it fails in doing so, you might lose reputation and position in the market.

You might think that business symbol is only a small component of your business strategy. However, it is one of the important elements of your strategy. Your business symbol is often the first impression that potential customers will get of your business, so it is necessary to get every aspect of your brand identity right at the first time.

Every aspect of your brand identity says something about who you are and what you have to offer. A unique business symbol is essential for every company to set itself apart from the competition and define its purpose for both employees and target market.

Hence, to turn your business into a household brand, it needs to connect with your target customers. Brand loyalty and recognition is almost impossible without having a unique corporate symbol. Hire a professional graphic design company to design logo that is relevant to your business. Professional design team delivers design solutions with clarity, conviction and resonates with your audience.

You might be looking to create a new brand symbol, website design or any other marketing materials, Logo Design UAE can help your business look and be its best.

Logo Design UAE creates value for your brand with our talent and expertise. We create visually appealing Brand Emblem, Brochure Design, Website Design, and Ecommerce Website in Dubai, UAE and across the globe. Our main goal is to help in enhancing your brand, shift perceptions and form lasting brand connections with your customers.

Our professional and qualified logo design team work along with clients to ensure no stone is left unturned. We strive hard to provide effective design communications for your brand. Through creative and visually appealing design concepts we help to connect your brand with customer’s emotions.

We have built a diverse team that offers creative and unique design and digital marketing solutions for your business. We are a team of talented individuals who embrace the right technology and explore unique ideas, design concepts and content.

For custom logo design hire the team of Logo Design UAE! We help you grow ideas, business, and revenue through our quality design solutions. We are best known for our attention to detail on every job, our friendly nature and our professional expertise.

Thursday, 24 August 2017

We Create Logo Design and Web Design That Pops

Based in UAE, Logo Design is a team of creative professionals who love to deliver brands that pops. Having worked on a broad range of projects from inception to completion, we are always ready to take challenging tasks.

We use creative and value-oriented methodology to develop effective brand strategy. It’s what set Logo Design, UAE apart from other graphics design companies across the globe. Our strategic methodologies are used to create innovative designs and marketing materials that your customers will embrace because it easily connects with the thoughts and emotions of your customers. Our objective is to produce highly innovative and timeless work, providing a creative, appealing, and unique reflection of our client’s products and services.

We use branding principles, together with our decades of experience in the industry to deliver high quality results that gives your brand a competitive edge in the market. So, whether you need a logo design, web design or an ecommerce website for your business, we have got you covered.

100% Unique Designs BY Professional Artists

We have employed professional and experienced designers. Our team of experts creates designs that are of best quality, unique and timeless at the same time.

Designs That Reflect Your Business

Our professional designers take your input on the look and feel of the designs. We listen to your needs and deliver high quality results. Each and every detail is taken into consideration to ensure that favorable meaning of your brand is delivered. Our team works closely with clients and builds strong relationship.

Crafted To Appeal to Your Target Customers

We understand that each business has its own target market. Our professional and expert team takes into account all the factors that influence consumer behavior such as lifestyle, income, demographics and much more. This helps our team to understand your brand perception and craft designs that effectively target masses and build high-quality brand.

Creative Expertise

Our team of skilled professionals design across all the digital and traditional platforms with creativeness and strategic goal. We have the creative expertise to design attractive logos, web design, ecommerce website, product packaging and other marketing collaterals.

At Logo Design UAE we thrive on collaboration, bringing creativity and unique approach to every project we work on. Together through innovativeness, experience and creativity, we will grow and improve your brand visibility.

Looking for affordable logo design, web design or an ecommerce website design services? We would love to speak with you, contact Logo Design for a no obligation consultation today.

Thursday, 9 February 2017

5 Facts to Have a Responsive Website Design

User’s interactivity on the web has increased exponentially. The increased use of smartphones has led the companies to develop site for mobile users. Keeping in view the need of users, the concept of responsive website design has been introduced. A responsive design is a proactive approach aimed at developing websites to provide a great user experience. A responsive design possesses the ability to adjust its elements to fit the device displaying it.

Here are the 5 facts to have a responsive website design:

  • One Website for all Devices
Over the past few years, users were beset by web pages that were meant to be viewed on the desktop monitors. For mobile users these web designs failed to provide a better user experience on mobile devices. With responsive design, the same website can easily be viewed on all mobile devices such as laptop, tablet and smartphones. Moreover, responsive designs have eliminated the need for creating separate websites for different devices. One responsive website design works on all the devices.

  • Economical
It has reduced the need of creating separate websites for separate devices. Creating one website for all the devices will help to save the cost and time. Moreover, it eradicates the troublesome of maintaining two sites. So, a responsive design is more beneficial and economical.

  • Easy to Optimize
Having two different websites of one single business creates more problems and it lacks uniformity. Two different sites means two separate URLs. Having two separate URLs will automatically divide the traffic between the sites. Having a responsive design helps to achieve uniformity and becomes easy to optimize.

  • Best User Experience
A responsive website design provides great user experience and eliminates the need of switching two different formats. Such designs set industry standards with unique designs and user centered functionality.

  • Extends the Reach
Today, web is increasingly being accessed through mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. So, it is important for a business or brand to have a user-friendly website design. It is necessary to consolidate the site to be both browser and mobile-friendly. This helps the website to remain flexible for any changes in future. Such responsive designs also help businesses to extend their reach across the globe.

It's time to look closely to the trends and start planning to have a unique responsive website design for your business. Having a great online presence helps the business to extend its reach across the globe.

Whether you are looking to create a new website or need to update it, web developers at Logo Design can do it all!

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Logo Design Trends That Are Going To Prevail In 2017

In this day and age, a creative logo design serves as a feasible source to represent the company. Imagine a business symbol that recently viewed but didn’t awe struck by its look and design. Then again may be the brand identity fails to create an appealing impact, thus leaving you with even more unpleasant experience. Well, this is where essentialness of an outstanding logo design comes into play.

As companies have become more aware of the importance of using creative and innovative brand symbols, logo designers need to come up with unique ideas that can help the symbol to communicate the right business message to the potential customers.

Just like the previous years, 2017 also has its own share of unique logo design trends that will prevail in the market.

This trend is not new in the designing market but it is still quite unique and has potential to rule this year. Professional designers should use different geometric shapes to create an innovative brand mark for the business. Use of geometric shapes will create compelling and fascinating business symbols.

Broken Letters
In the year 2017, logo design created with broken letter fonts will create a huge impact and attract masses. Professional logo designers need to use this style in their designing. These broken letter fonts are not only looks simple but they captivate the attention more easily.

Simplify the Color Dial
The year 2017 is all about unique trends and digitization. Cluttered and irrational colors for a business symbol are outdated. Brand emblems with flat and light colors are audience’s latest attraction. Therefore, it is necessary for the logo designers to simplify their color dial and create more captivating brand identities.

Hand Drawn
To give a fresh start this year, many logo designers have focused on creating hand-drawn logo designs. The new way of creating brand marks look so fresh and rejuvenating that it completely gives a new identity to the business. A hand drawn corporate symbol creates strong aesthetic impression on the minds of the targeted audiences.

Repetition and Different Patterns
Logo designers have been using patterns with different elements or shapes to give a new and unique perception of the business. A logo design with patterns and repeated shapes can build an everlasting impression that can help to develop a good image about the brand. In the year 2017, logo designers need to be very careful while designing and they need to create designs that please the eyes.

Looking for a captivating logo design with unique ideas for your business? Then just hire logo designers of Logo Design.

Monday, 24 October 2016

Get More Customers With Creative Web Design Approach

We here at Logo design are extremely fortunate. We often have the opportunity to work on the creative web design projects.

After years of experience, our company has a talented group of web designers, marketing gurus and experienced project managers. Our entire team possesses raw years of experience in building and developing client centric websites.

According to them every website should have following features:

 A Quick Call to Action
Every designer will agree with the fact about the importance of having a strong call to action. A strong call to action particularly includes a clear instruction to buy, contact or register. For instance if you check out most the websites, the first thing you will observe is a top banner including a quick call to action about “ask for a free quote”. Such types of call to actions are pitchy and it works more effectively to attract target audience.

Highlight Significant Advantages of Your Offering
Customers always stay on the website that clearly point outs what benefits they will get of your product offerings. Many of the designers make critical mistake of not talking about the advantages. It is necessary to clearly highlight the advantages of your offerings to the customers and mention that why your products and services are important to them.

A Reasonable Path to Follow
Some of the designers create web design with a singular focus while other designers create websites that includes numerous targets. Irrespective of which approach they select, ensure that you provide your customers a reasonable path to follow through the website. Preferably, the customer lands on the site, instead of getting them confused they should know where to go next. At the end, whatever path they follow they should always eventually lead to the sale.

A Simple Search Bar
A user-friendly search bar can be a blessing for your customers, particularly when you have large commercial and online shopping websites. Web design with a simple search bar allows your customer to search anything specific and makes their lives as easy as possible.

Email Signup Newsletter
To develop a great marketing strategy it is necessary design a newsletter button in the bottom of the website. It helps your customer to know more about the company promotions and you can highlight the product offerings with loud and proud. If you provide unique products and services then customers will definitely follow you and will be waiting for your mails. With the newsletter you can advertise to them in their inbox and help them to purchase.

That’s some of the interesting features of creative web design approach to attract customers. If you want to create a unique website for your business then get in touch with Logo Design!

Friday, 7 October 2016

Six Significant Rules for Mobile Website Design

It is important for the businesses to have an easy access through all the devices and consequently your web design has to cater not only the desktop users but also portable devices.

Here are six significant rules for mobile website design:

  • Identify Your Target Audience
One of the most important aspects of working online is that you can utilize analytics to track any information and use it to make enormous enhancements on all parts of your business. Therefore, when creating website design for the mobile devices you should not stick to one size rather create one size that fits all the screens.

Break down the information and figure out what type of devices most of the visitors use and then construct the website design based on that information.

  • Play With Functionality
Make sure to use the functionality that is easily accessible on all the devices. It is important that web designers should make it a need to figure out who are your target audience and look at their trends of visiting a particular website and ensure to use the functionality keeping in the mind the target audience.

  • Touch Screens
As it is specified already, it's imperative to make everything simple to tap with the finger when going to your site on a touch phone. This means for the visitors it is important to provide great browsing experience and incorporate buttons that are large enough and links that can be easily tapped with a finger.

  • Make It Simple
Keep in mind, when creating a mobile responsive website design, your objective is not only to attract your visitors but help them to navigate easily and provide great user experience without facing the issues of long loading times.

  • Select Easy Layouts
Presently while you have numerous layout choices when outlining a site for users it is necessary to select the layout that is simple and easy to navigate. Using simple and easy layouts will help to attract more visitors on the website and brings better results for the website.

  • Integrate With Social Media Buttons
Today every user on the website tends to share their opinions and ideas on different social media platforms. Therefore, create a website design that helps users to share what they find interesting on your site among others.

So, make your website user-friendly and provide users an experience as seamless and simple as possible.

Hire the services of Logo Design and get a creative and responsive website design for your business. Give us a call and place your order!

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

How to Develop a Profitable Ecommerce Website for Your Business

Developing an ecommerce website takes great amount of hard work and decision that needs to be taken at the right time. To develop a great and profitable online store we have placed some logical steps that would help you in launching a profitable online store. So let’s have a look.

Find The Right Products To Sell
The initial step in developing an online store is to find the right product that you want to sell online. This is the most difficult step because there are already online stores that are selling the same products. So it is important to explore the market and find the niche that will help the business to grow. Once you get the right product to sell for your market then it becomes easy to attract the target audience.

Research Your Competition
The second step involves researching your competitors in the market. Competitors play an important role in the business. If you want to survive in the market then it is essential to know everything about your competitors. It is necessary to conduct a thorough research so that you know exactly what you are up against and how will you face the competition.

Setting Up Your Business
Setting up a business online is the most vital step. So it is essential to determine your business name and choose an appropriate domain for your ecommerce website. Once you have selected the unique business name and registered your domain, then it’s the perfect time to design a logo. For a business it I is essential to have unique and innovative brand identity. This brand identity plays an important role in promoting the business and hooks the attention of the target audience.

Building Your Ecommerce Website
After crafting a unique logo for your business, the next step is to build your online store. There are many critical elements involved in developing an online store therefore it is essential to hire professional developers from most reputable company.

Logo Design is an ideal company that possesses experience and great pool of talent that helps to create profitable ecommerce website for clients. Their professional developers create online stores that provide smooth shopping experience to the customers. Along with developing a website, it is important that your business appears on the search engine rankings. They have SEO executives who completely understand the basics of search engine optimization and help to land your website on top positions for Google and other search engines.

If you want to develop a profitable ecommerce website, then hire the services of Logo Design. Place your orders and we will do our job!